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Reaction to Windows Blue

Wow. So I guess for the most part you guys and girls agree with me. I wrote an article yesterday discussing how The Verge’s characterization of Windows Blue as (potentially) yet another new OS had to be

Best Buy Lumia 920 is actually sold out already

Previously, Windows 8 Update reported on how the Nokia Lumia 920 was put up by Best Buy for preorder only to be pulled about 24 hours later. At the time I suggested it was unlikely that all

Microsoft Surface will be sold in major retail outlets early next year

The rumor mill is buzzing that the Microsoft Surface will be sold at traditional outlet stores early in 2013. The rumor mill states that Best Buy will be part of that equation. No absolute dates though. Stay

What a shock!! Microsoft may be building their own Windows 8 Phone – whatever

So for the record, I believe I was the first person to call this. On June 26th of this year, I wrote an article entitled “Yes OEMs, with their Microsoft Surface tablet, Microsoft really did just go

New Windows 9 rumor – Microsoft working on 2 OS projects?

So obviously since Windows 8 is done, you would expect the Windows 8 project team to be in Hawaii getting a well deserved break. Well, they aren’t. They’re hard at work on the next version of Windows

IDC says Microsoft is expected to build 3 million Surface Tablets – OEM’s are screwed

IDC are saying that Microsoft is expected to build a little more than 3 million Surface tablets. An IDC analyst also offered his views on the likelihood of a $199 version of the tablet. IDC analyst Bob O’Donnell

New Video – Skype for Windows 8 has leaked

A buggy version of the Skype app for Windows 8 recently leaked unto the web. You probably remember that Skype was acquired by Microsoft a while ago but hasn’t really been heard from since (at least re:

RUMOR – Microsoft Surface to sell for $199? Too brilliant to be true…

In a story that is lighting the blogs on fire, Engadget is reporting that Microsoft will be selling the Microsoft Surface Tablet on the 26th of October for $199. I am skeptical of this story for one

What the… Now the phrase Metro is going away?

I’m so tired. Anyway, here’s the latest on Microsoft and Metro. For the uninitiated, Metro has been the descriptive name used to characterize the new tiled based layout and design that is in Windows 8. Well now The Verge

Windows 8 RTM Leak?

No Windows 8 RTM has not leaked. This site is dedicated to the discussion of Windows 8 news and updates and we will not be sharing any leaks or Windows 8 ISO’s. It is interesting though because