Windows 8 Screenshots Archive

New Windows Phone 8 SDK Emulator Screenshots

Our friends at Winunleaked have been very busy indeed. A whole bunch of Windows Phone 8 emulator screenshots hit the web today and they look pretty interesting. The screenshots show  a bunch of features that are currently

Windows 8 Enterprise RTM and Windows 8 Pro RTM versions leaked as well – images

The (allegedly) Russian leaker WZOR has leaked 4 more versions of Windows 8 RTM onto the web in addition to the Windows Server 2012 RTM leak. The editions leaked are: Windows 8 Enterprise x86 Windows 8 Enterprise

Even more new Windows 8 RTM images – the leaks have begun

The floodgates are about to open. More online images have surfaced (pun intended) of Windows 8 Enterprise N. This is build 9200 and seems to be the genuine RTM. In addition, I spoke about leaks earlier on

More Windows 8 RTM Screenshots

A couple of new Windows 8 screenshots. These ones are from PCBeta. Nothing new, just the usual Metro interface and some of the icons look a little more refined (as expected).

More Windows 8 RTM screenshots – Movies, Music, Videos,Xbox Video and Pictures

More Windows 8 RTM screenshots. This time – Movies, Music, Videos,Xbox Video and Pictures…

New Windows 8 RTM screenshots – Xbox Smartglass and Windows 8 Camera

More Windows 8 RTM screenshots. This time we are looking at the Windows 8 Camera and Xbox Smartglass  

New Windows 8 RTM Screenshots – Mail, Messaging and People Apps

Some new screenshots from Neowin showing screenshots (allegedly) from Windows 8 RTm. These show the Mail, People and Messaging Apps.

New Leaked screenshot of Windows 8 Store RTM

You’re looking at what is allegedly the first screenshot of the RTM’ed Windows Store. Seems to be the same as the Windows 8 Release Preview to me with maybe just a few sharpened graphics. More to come….

New Windows 8 RTM branch screenshots

Canouna from the website has done it again. He has released some screenshots from a branch of the final Windows 8 build or the RTM. He indicates that Microsoft is in tidy mode at this point

New Windows 8 pre-RTM Screenshots from

Here are some new Windows 8 pre-RTM screenshots from Win8China. As you can see from the images, the new Windows 8 desktop has the dulled out flattish metro look. Let’s hope and pray…