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How to use Family Safety in Windows 8

In our previous ‘How to’ post we took a look at File History in Windows 8, a powerful feature allowing you to create an automated back-up of your most cherished files and folders.  No more data loss if

Microsoft: 24% Of PCs Are Not Protected With Updated Antivirus Software

Microsoft is good with numbers. When the software titan is not counting the cash it raked in or selling its products and services in millions it is conducting market analyst and surveys. The company released the latest

Fake MSN Messenger Installers Start To Show Up On Google

As MSN Messenger prepares to sail into the west, cybercriminals seem to have wasted no time in trying to exploit the situation. Several malicious websites have popped up trying to take advantage of unsuspecting users. Redmond, earlier

Microsoft: We Designed Windows 8 With Security In Mind From The Word Go

Security experts agree that Redmond’s latest operating system is the most secure version of Windows yet, as it comes with several new technologies and enhancements to protect users, both online and off. In fact, most are of

New Windows 8 Security Book – A comprehensive overview of Windows 8 Security

As an IT professional, you might be asked to review Windows 8 and determine if it is a good fit for your organization. Or, you are being asked to implement Windows 8 or develop a transition plan

Security Expert: Upgrading To Windows 8 Is Not A Bad Decision At All

Not a bad decision at all, you say? It’s a great decision. But security firm Sophos is very obviously talking from the safety perspective and Microsoft has undoubtedly put in a lot of effort to make its

All Versions Of Internet Explorer Set To Be Patched This Week

Eh, almost all versions, from Internet Explorer 6 to Internet Explorer 10. All these versions are suffering from a security flaw that makes Microsoft’s flagship browser vulnerable to drive-by attacks. The company has already announced this in

February’s Patch Tuesday Security Bulletin Released, IE10 Also Gets A Fix

Redmond has just released the security bulletin for this month’s Patch Tuesday update, and along with 12 security updates for various software, the company is also flagging a special fix for Internet Explorer 10 Flash Player flaw.

Windows 8 will introduce new Family Safety feature

Microsoft recently announced a new feature coming to Windows 8 on the Windows 8 Development Blog. This one is called Microsoft Family Safety. The new security features will allow parents to restrict their kids activity on Windows

My defense of Microsoft’s Windows 8 Picture Password security mechanism

So, there has been a lot of hubbub about Windows 8 and the new security mechanism outlined by Microsoft. To recap, Microsoft recently detailed a new Windows 8 picture password security mechanism. This feature would allow Windows