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Windows 8 Tip – Getting the Start Menu back without an addon

Windows 8 lost its start menu, but there is a way to kind of get it back. Here is a little trick and you don’t…


Boot directly to the desktop in Windows 8 – new shortcut

Desktop users continue to search for ways to avoid booting into the Windows 8 Metro interface. In a Neowin forum post, Neowin member ‘Fred 69’ claims…


Windows 8 will include user tutorials

Due to the scale of the changes coming with Windows 8, it seems that Microsoft have realized that a little hand holding might be in…


Microsoft release a MEGA list of Windows 8 shortcuts

Microsoft have released a list of shortcuts that can be used to “simplify” navigation around Windows 8. “If you’re not using touch, keyboard shortcuts are another…


Yikes – tip to boot directly to the desktop in Windows 8

  Laptopmag have posted a tip on how to somewhat bypass the metro interface when you start your PC. Here’s how they do it. Create an Explorer script…


10 quick tips and shortcuts for Windows 8

Since the release of the Windows 8 Developer Preview, there have been a bunch of Windows 8 tips and tricks out there that might be…