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Quick Tip – Logging in straight to the Desktop in Windows 8

Byron commented on my article “Windows 8 Tip – Getting the Start Menu back without an addon” that he uses a program “Skip Metro” to log directly into desktop. Well I wanted to see if were any

Windows 8 Tip – Getting the Start Menu back without an addon

Windows 8 lost its start menu, but there is a way to kind of get it back. Here is a little trick and you don’t have to download an addon. Go into desktop and right click on

Boot directly to the desktop in Windows 8 – new shortcut

Desktop users continue to search for ways to avoid booting into the Windows 8 Metro interface. In a Neowin forum post, Neowin member ‘Fred 69’ claims to have found a way to boot directly to the desktop,

Windows 8 will include user tutorials

Due to the scale of the changes coming with Windows 8, it seems that Microsoft have realized that a little hand holding might be in order. Our friend Canouna has unearthed some evidence that Windows 8 will

Microsoft release a MEGA list of Windows 8 shortcuts

Microsoft have released a list of shortcuts that can be used to “simplify” navigation around Windows 8. “If you’re not using touch, keyboard shortcuts are another super fast and easy way to get around Windows. In fact,

Yikes – tip to boot directly to the desktop in Windows 8

  Laptopmag have posted a tip on how to somewhat bypass the metro interface when you start your PC. Here’s how they do it. Create an Explorer script file that launches the desktop. Open Notepad and paste

10 quick tips and shortcuts for Windows 8

Since the release of the Windows 8 Developer Preview, there have been a bunch of Windows 8 tips and tricks out there that might be fun for you to know. Here are 10 to get you started.