Windows 8 Speculation


Reaction to Windows Blue

Wow. So I guess for the most part you guys and girls agree with me. I wrote an article yesterday discussing how The Verge’s characterization…


Could Microsoft be scaling up on Windows 8 displays and scaling down on Windows RT?

In an article on Ubergizmo today Tyler Lee wrote ¬†about a rumor that Microsoft might be working on scaling up on Windows Phone…


Best Buy Lumia 920 is actually sold out already

Previously, Windows 8 Update reported on how the Nokia Lumia 920 was put up by Best Buy for preorder only to be pulled about…


Are Windows RT tablets too expensive?

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer recently clarified that Microsoft isn’t just a software company, they are a services and…


Microsoft Surface will be sold in major retail outlets early next year

The rumor mill is buzzing that the Microsoft Surface will be sold at traditional outlet stores early in 2013. The rumor mill states that Best Buy…


Windows 8 – Can it Fail? Will it Fail?

We’ve heard a lot about how important the success of Windows 8 is to the future of Microsoft. You have to wonder though, without much…


Attack of the All-In-Ones, Is the Desktop Tower Going Extinct?

Windows 8 hardware announcements have started to unveil a pretty clear picture, at least in my mind. We’ve seen laptop/tablet hybrids, touch laptops, touch all-in-ones…


What a shock!! Microsoft may be building their own Windows 8 Phone – whatever

So for the record, I believe I was the first person to call this. On June 26th of this year, I wrote an article entitled


Windows 8 has less pre-release users than Windows 7 did- Does it matter?

Yesterday I spoke a little about the…


New Windows 9 rumor – Microsoft working on 2 OS projects?

So obviously since Windows 8 is done, you would expect the Windows 8 project team to be in Hawaii getting a well deserved break. Well,…