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New Edge Will Support Chrome Extensions

More Edge goodness! Some more details on the big switch for Microsoft Edge are here with us, including what Redmond plans for extensions for its…

Firefox Clouds

Mozilla Not Too Happy With Edge Chrome Switch

Eh, you win some you lose some! Right, right? Not everyone is enthralled by Microsoft switching to Chromium for its Edge browser, and Mozilla is…

Chromium Windows

Chrome Powered Edge Coming To A PC Near You

Its happening, folks! All roads led to this. And we now have official confirmation that the same engine that powers Google Chrome will now power…

Intel Copper Harbor

Microsoft Developing Centaurus, Another Dual Screen Device

For some reason. Microsoft, it appears, has found joy in developing dual screen devices. The Seattle based company is working on Centaurus, reportedly a codename…


Microsoft Building A Chromium Based Browser?

Brace for impact! It looks like Microsoft may have had enough of the Edge adventure, as a new report claims that Microsoft is working on…

Windows Logo Sand

Windows Lite May Not Even Be Called Windows

Looks like Microsoft is aiming big! The company is said to be working on Windows Lite, an operating system that it hopes takes the fight…

New Office Icons

New Microsoft Office Icons Ooze Style

Say goodbye to the old classic Microsoft Office icons, which sported a big bold letter with a bit of a graphical suggestion of what that…

Surface Monitor

Surface Monitor May Be Coming In 2020

Dream. Come true. Microsoft may be planning a modular Surface Monitor and PC for release in 2020, with the company also said to be exploring…

Chrome Browser

Google Chrome For Windows 10 On ARM Incoming?

Well, well, what have we here! Collaboration! It seems that Microsoft, Google and Qualcomm are all working together to bring the Chrome web browser to…

Bombarded With Ads

Microsoft Caught Putting Ads In The Windows 10 Mail App

Well, not exactly caught, per se. But the company did stir up a little controversy in a cup, when folks found ads in the Windows…