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Microsoft Hits Big With Office 365 Agreement With Red Cross

Office 365 continues its march of conquest, as Microsoft has just announced that its communication and collaborations platform has been picked by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) for its National Societies

Linux Creator Does Not Want Windows 8 Secure Boot Keys In Linux Kernel

The quest for a Linux operating system dual booting on a Windows 8 PC apparently took another hit recently. There actually are two solutions for this, one from the Linux Foundation, and another that is being developed

Windows 8 Coding Marathon Brings Together 10,000 Students

Redmond’s officially started an AppFest coding marathon in India, this time with a goal to bring together ten thousand students from all across the country for an extended coding session. Late last week we reported that Microsoft

End Of Windows XP Support May Push Enterprises To SaaS Products

It is quite interesting how not many thought of this earlier than now. If there is one death in the family Redmond would really like seeing soon is of its 11 year old operating system, Windows XP.

Windows Blue Rumored To Hit RTM In June, Brings Improved Faster Kernel

Windows Blue rumors continue to surface, and the latest is that the new update is expected to reach the RTM development stage in June, which puts it in line with the assumed August release date. New information

Analyst: PC Industry Is Partially To Blame For Slow Windows 8 Uptake

Windows 8 and touchscreens in the same sentence has become quite a debated topic. There is little doubt that Microsoft’s latest operating system is built from the grounds up to make use of the touch capability of

LG Has No Immediate Plans For Windows Phone 8

LG and the Windows Phone platform have a bit of a history together. The company jumped early into Microsoft’s mobile platform party back in October 2010 with a couple of models. But the company has not released

Microsoft’s Anti-Google Campaign Rakes Up Thousands Of Signatures Overnight

There is a thin line between stupendous and suspicious — just ask Lance Armstrong. Hopefully this is more in the vein of stupendous from Microsoft, though there are enough reasons to believe otherwise. Here is the full

Windows 8 And IE10 Combo Results In Four Times Faster MSN Portal

You may recall Microsoft launched a very special version of its MSN portal a couple of days before the launch of Windows 8. The website donned a design that was clearly inspired by Redmond’s latest operating system

Microsoft Sees China As A Major Innovation Center

It appears that Redmond is betting big on its workforce in China, at least when it comes to research and innovation, as the company considers the country is an important innovation hub in the region. Ya-Qin Zhang,