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Microsoft Goes After Pirates In Russia

Software pirates, that is. While Microsoft products are one of the most (if not the most) pirated software in the whole world, the company does not shy away from hunting those that involve in this practice. Case

Leading UK Estate Agent Adopts Lumia 820 For Business Use

Nokia is never far from boasting how much its Lumia line of smartphones is suited for business use. And while the various handsets in the Lumia series have found success in the end-user segment, the list of Sets A New Record By Adding 1.5 Million New Users In A Day

Redmond took off the preview label from its email service on Tuesday morning, signaling it to be out of beta testing stage. At that time the company announced the service had 60 million users who signed

Windows 9 Build Spotted In The Wild

Oh boy, remember all the days when Windows 8 screenshots (and builds) leaked out in the media regularly? Well, we may be a (country) mile away from a build leak, but a screen grab of the in-development

Microsoft Starts Sending Out Emails Detailing Messenger’s Retirement

The classic Windows Live Messenger service is set for retirement on April 8 this year, and Redmond has already announced that it will be transitioning users over to Skype. Now the company has begun sending out emails

New Zealand Developers Helped With Windows XP and IE Security Flaws

Microsoft most recent Patch Tuesday update patched almost all Internet Explorer versions last week as part of its monthly update cycle, but a Kiwi security firm says it helped fix two vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer 8 and

Most New Computer Buyers Still Choosing Windows 7 Over Windows 8

Now this is one thing Microsoft would be hoping to reverse. And I mean really hoping to reverse. Redmond may have expected to see Windows 8 quickly become the public choice number one for those who purchase

Microsoft Could Soon Be Forced To Expand Its Fargo Campus

Fargo is one of the company’s major Microsoft Dynamics development centers, and the place where products like Dynamics, Office, SQL Server and Visual Studio are developed. And by the looks of things it could soon be running

Microsoft’s Dominance Is Underappreciated, Says New Report

Well, you don’t hear this very often. A new survey recently released brings some fresh views on Redmond’s hardware and software developments, and names Microsoft as the number one vendor for CIOs. Piper Jaffray’s quarterly Chief Information

Microsoft’s Anti-Google Petition Off To A Slow Start

Microsoft’s newest attack against rival Google was launched more than ten days ago, with a spanking new petition that showed the search engine giant was peeking into Gmail accounts to serve relevant ads, a practice which Redmond