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Windows 8 Tablet Review: (Chinese Import) Haina Digital Windows Tablet

Cheap Google Android tablets from China are a dime a dozen, but what about Chinese tablets that run Windows? These are certainly not nearly as common. Today let’s take a look at the Haina Digital Windows tablet,

Windows 8 Tablet Convertible Review: Toshiba Portege M700

There is no doubt that tablet usage is on the rise, but is a traditional tablet the best option for everyone? I personally don’t think so, for those with more business-oriented needs a tablet just doesn’t cut

Windows 8 Tablet Review: Tegatech V2 Android/Windows Tablet

  Today we take a look at yet another Windows tablet that also claims to support “dual-booting to Android”. So far, most of these Android/Windows dual-systems have proved to have a very limited overall Android experience that

Windows 8 Tablet Review: HP TouchSmart TM2T Convertible Tablet

While convertible notebook computers aren’t exactly ‘all the rage’, they aren’t bad for those that are looking for a little bit of everything. There are actually quite a few different models out there, as tablet PCs of

Windows 8 Tablet Review: ViewPad 10 Pro

In a world where Windows tablets aren’t exactly a precious commodity, we’ve certainly seen a slow down of new models in anticipation of the more touch-optimized Windows 8. One of the few exceptions so far has been

Windows 8 Tablet Review: Lenovo X220 Tablet Convertible

Today we are taking a look a the Lenovo ThinkPad X220 (429637U), a unique convertible touch-laptop that brings us the best of both worlds: touch-technology and laptop functionality. While not the most elegant system on the block,

Windows 8 Tablet Review: Motion LE1700

When doing these tablet reviews, I’ve noticed that most of the devices on the market seemed most directly aimed at either general business users (or enterprise) or just more-casual, everyday Windows users. There are many more types

Windows – Tablet Review: Kupa Lux X11

Not long ago, I wrote an article about how the Kupa Lux X11 debuted as CES as the first “Windows 8 Ready” tablet. This is a fancy term meaning its just a Windows 7 tablet that is

Azpen X1 Tablet Reviews | Windows 8: Tablet Reviews

At this point in time there are really only two tablet operating systems that have made any major impact on the market: Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Of course we all know that Windows 8 is setting

Windows 8 Tablet Review: Hiton Windows 7 Tablet

  For those that have followed my work, I’ve done several different kinds of reviews at Windows8update, from ultrabooks to high end-tablets and even convertibles. I have enjoyed taking a deeper look at a variety of different