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Windows 8 Tablet Review: (Chinese Import) Haina Digital Windows Tablet

Cheap Google Android tablets from China are a dime a dozen, but what about Chinese tablets that run Windows? These are certainly not nearly as…


Windows 8 Tablet Convertible Review: Toshiba Portege M700

There is no doubt that tablet usage is on the rise, but is a traditional tablet the best option for everyone?


Windows 8 Tablet Review: Tegatech V2 Android/Windows Tablet

  Today we take a look at yet another Windows tablet that also claims to support “dual-booting to Android”. So far, most of these…


Windows 8 Tablet Review: HP TouchSmart TM2T Convertible Tablet

While convertible notebook computers aren’t exactly ‘all the rage’, they aren’t bad for those that are looking for a little bit of everything. There are actually…


Windows 8 Tablet Review: ViewPad 10 Pro

In a world where Windows tablets aren’t exactly a precious commodity, we’ve certainly seen a slow down of new models in anticipation of the more…


Windows 8 Tablet Review: Lenovo X220 Tablet Convertible

Today we are taking a look a the Lenovo ThinkPad X220 (429637U), a unique convertible touch-laptop that brings us the best of both worlds: touch-technology…


Windows 8 Tablet Review: Motion LE1700

When doing these tablet reviews, I’ve noticed that most of the devices on the market seemed most directly aimed at either general business users (or…


Windows – Tablet Review: Kupa Lux X11

Not long ago, I wrote an article about how the Kupa Lux X11 debuted as CES as the first “Windows 8 Ready” tablet. This is a…


Azpen X1 Tablet Reviews | Windows 8: Tablet Reviews

At this point in time there are really only two tablet operating systems that have made any major impact on the market: Apple’s iOS and…


Windows 8 Tablet Review: Hiton Windows 7 Tablet

  For those that have followed my work, I’ve done several different kinds of reviews at Windows8update, from ultrabooks to high end-tablets and even convertibles. I have…