Windows 8 Tips Archive

Tip: Use The Original Modern Options Bar In Windows 8.1 Update 1

Modern times, modern options. If you have installed the upcoming Update 1 (also known as the Spring 2014 Update) for Windows 8.1, then you are already aware of the new options that Microsoft has built for the

Tip: Customize The Win+X Menu With This Free Utility

Like most things in life there are two type of Windows 8.1 users. Those who live and breathe the Modern UI, and those that stay as far away from Metro and like to spend their time in

Tip: Give Your Android Phone A Windows 8 Styled Makeover

Fan of Windows 8 on your computer, but still stuck with an Android phone for some reason? Or want to give someone you know that uses an Android device a taste of what they are missing? There

Tip: Use VLC Player’s Hidden Tools To Easily Create Video Clips

Ever felt the need to make clips of short sections of a video you are watching? Welcome to the club. The needs are many, sending a small video to your friends and family, inserting it into presentations,

Tip: Launch Metro Apps Straight From The Desktop In Windows 8.1

Those that live by the sword, die by the sword. Same goes for fans of Metro UI in Microsoft’s modern operating systems. Most fans of the new environment have completely transitioned to the new Start Screen and

Tip: Add Tabs To File Explorer In Windows With Clover

Microsoft may have added a million and one features in the newer versions of Windows, but there is still room for some slight improvements here and there. This hold particularly true for power users. And if you

Windows 8 Pro install and upgrade tip – Clean Install

So a pretty obvious tip here but this one is based on my recent experience. I recently upgraded my primary PC to Windows 8 Pro and made the mistake of doing the actual upgrade as opposed to

FREE Windows 8 eBook at

The good folks at have just released a new Windows 8 eBook that’s free to the public. The eBook called “Windows 8 – The Top 50 Questions and Answers you need to make a decision” was

Lynda have released a new Windows 8 class – Windows 8 Essential Training

Training Site Lynda has a new online course out right now. It’s called Windows 8 Essential Training. Windows 8 is a significant departure from previous versions of the operating system, offering new mobile integration, cloud storage, and

Demos Show Vastly Increased Boot Speed on Windows 8

I found this demo showing differences in boot speed between Windows 8 and Windows 7.  Ignoring the hokey music for a second, the difference in boot speed is quite dramatic on a Toshiba Satellite 300 with an