Windows 8 Tools Archive

Windows 8 Tools – AT&T AllAccess

Description Activate service plans that best fit your mobile broadband needs and manage your real-time data usage using the AT&T AllAcccess application. View your billing cycle and receive free usage notifications from AT&T (v. Features View

Windows 8 Tools – Toshiba Central

Description Stay in touch with Toshiba! Toshiba Central will provide easy access to your User’s Guide, support links, product information, and much more. Features Easily access the latest release of your User’s Guide. Register your Toshiba device.

Windows 8 Tools – telnet

Description Browse public BBS servers, play text-based online MMORPGS, and connect to other telnet servers with this lightweight telnet client. Privacy Policy: Features Support for MANY text encodings, from unicode to big5 to various chinese encodings

Windows 8 Tools – 8FilesInABox

Description 8 files in a box is a Dropbox client created by Infinite Square. You can share link to a file/folder, set files as favorite to keep them available offline. The app can also be used from

Windows 8 Tools – Flashlight

Description Turn your PC into a simple Flashlight by using the Screen Features Flashlight Link to:  Flashlight Cost:  Free Category:  Tools Age Rating:  3+ Developer:  PEARL APPS LLC

Windows 8 Tools – Jack of Tools

Description Want to see what your Windows 8 device can do? Can’t live without your Jack of Tools for Windows Phone? Based on the popular Windows Phone 7 app, Jack of Tools visualizes the device sensors into

Windows 8 Tools – Super Calculator

Description This calculator is super powerful and easy to use scientific calculator with interactive graphical display. The calculator is capable of computing almost any expression in the mathematical order. You can use standard operators and many functions

Window 8 Tools – Stopwatch Free

Description Clean and simple stopwatch with lap times for your Windows (Metro). Supports snapped view. More than 10.000.000 downloads on other platforms! Link to:  Stopwatch Free Cost:  Free Category:  Tools Age Rating:  3+ Developer:  Robert Varga  

Windows 8 Tools – Counter

Description Need to count something, use Counter for simple counting by a touch. Features Counting by a touch, mouse and keyboard Will sync your count to any Windows 8 device Link to: Counter Cost:  Free Category:  Tools

Windows 8 Tools – Ping

Description Ping lets you test TCP/IP connection quality between your computer and servers both on local network and the Internet. Rather than using ICMP that is blocked by many firewalls, Jujuba Software Ping actually establishes TCP/IP connection