Windows 8 Training Archive

New Windows 8.1 video tutorials

We came across some Windows 8.1 tutorial videos we wanted to share with you. They come from Gateway but they show both some simple and advance Operating Systems tasks in Windows 8.1. These are good refreshers and

How to use Family Safety in Windows 8

In our previous ‘How to’ post we took a look at File History in Windows 8, a powerful feature allowing you to create an automated back-up of your most cherished files and folders.  No more data loss if

Windows Video – Using cloud storage from Windows apps

Video from Microsoft about cloud storage. Modern apps don’t just store data on local disks. Your users expect to have 24/7 access to their files and settings wherever they go. This video will show you how you

Windows Video – Testing mobile broadband devices

Another new Microsoft video. The Windows Hardware Certification program helps to ensure the quality, compatibility, and operation of mobile broadband drivers and device firmware with Windows 8. The Windows Hardware Certification Kit (HCK) helps to decrease connectivity

Windows Video – Advanced driver code analysis techniques

Another new Microsoft video. This video provides a deep discussion of advanced code analysis techniques, tips and tricks that help you reduce costs while increasing the quality of your drivers. You will learn how to use the

Windows Video – Developing and testing on Windows 8 with Hyper-V

New Windows Video from Microsoft. Microsoft’s virtualization solution Hyper-V is no longer just for servers. In Windows 8, developers and testers will be able to use the powerful virtualization capabilities of Hyper-V to help them do more

Windows Video – Building device & cloud applications

Another Microsoft video. If you’re building apps that span multiple devices applications and you’re curious about what the cloud can offer, this video is for you. The video will answer the following questions: Is it possible to

Windows Video – Building security auditing solutions for compliance and forensic analysis

Another video from Microsoft. This video shows how the new claims based access control capabilities in Windows 8 significantly enhances security. It also enhances the security audit and analysis capabilities for compliance and business forensic analysis. Microsoft

Windows Video – Building social games for Windows 8 with Windows Azure

Another video from Microsoft. Building a great social gaming experience for your users can be a challenging task. Your game has to be well designed, have a great user interface and perform under the most demanding conditions.

Windows Video – Building scalable web applications with Windows Azure

Another Windows Azure video. Learn how to harness the power of both the modern browser and the cloud to build a lightning fast Web app. Microsoft go in depth into the architecture of a highly scalable Web