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Microsoft Strikes Back, Combats China On Windows 8 Backdoor Claims

Little trouble in big China? Microsoft and China have had a troubled relationship these past few months, and both entities are at odds over the Windows operating system. Things escalated quickly in recent weeks when the use

Days of Windows 8 numbered, Windows 8.1 is where the party is

It had to happen. In a perfect sort of a world, we would still be discussing Windows 8. And while Windows 8.1 is just a minor version increase of Microsoft’s modern OS, it is now fast becoming

China’s ban on Windows 8 is due to high cost, or is it?

As the saying goes, if you are about to do a cloudy deal, better do it swiftly. China recently took everyone by surprise when it was announced that installation of Windows 8 was to be banned on

Why exactly are Windows 8 users not upgrading to Windows 8.1?

I’ve got great news, I’ve got good news and I’ve got not so good news. The great news is that Windows 8.1 market share is steadily on the up. The good news is that the Windows 8

Former Microsoft Programmer Arrested For Leaking Windows 8 Code

Surprising as it may sound, but when it comes to software, and well computing in general, code security is the biggest factor of developers and companies. After all, source code is everything. And while large enterprises have

There Is No Compelling Reason To Upgrade To Windows 8, Says Expert

Windows 9 may be coming within the next year, Windows 8 has seen an expansion pack, which itself is set to receive a refresh in just over a month, but Microsoft’s modern platform still has its detractors.

Microsoft Fixed A Total Of 344 Vulnerabilities In 2013, New Report Reveals

With newer platforms comes great responsibilities. Or something like that. Microsoft is currently juggling a whole bunch of different operating systems, and as this new report reveals, the company is doing a pretty good job of maintaining

Has Confusion Over Windows 8 Put Down The PC Industry? One Analyst Thinks So

The path to hell, I am sure, is always paved with good intentions. Microsoft’s latest effort is now referred to as “the new Vista”, at least among company employees internally as recently reported by Paul Thurrott. Externally,

Watch A New Video Going Over The Top 5 Best Free Games For The Surface 2

Gaming has always been a forte of the Windows platform, there was (and really is) no other operating system that does it better. Mobile gaming on the other hand, like many things mobile, is a totally different