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Windows 8 Store Set For Sunset

If you are one of the few that are still rocking the old version of the operating system, then make way for some news. Stores for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are all set for retirement.

Australian Company Orders 8,000 Chromebooks To Replace Windows PCs

Microsoft is facing a number of threats from all quarters, and recent steps like free licenses of Windows and Windows Phone for OEMs are a good way to combat some of them. However, Chromebooks present a sustained

China Believes Windows 8 Steals Contacts, Phone Numbers And More

The Chinese odyssey with Microsoft’s newest operating system continues. And how! It emerged earlier today that the government recommend authorities in the Jiangsu province to cancel orders for computers running Windows 8. And soon after that a

Microsoft Promises Better Transparency And Limit On Email Searches

Damage control, please. Questions were raised, queries were extended, about the privacy of all Hotmail or users recently, when it emerged that Microsoft accessed the emails of a blogger. A snoop of this unnamed blogger led

How to use Family Safety in Windows 8

In our previous ‘How to’ post we took a look at File History in Windows 8, a powerful feature allowing you to create an automated back-up of your most cherished files and folders.  No more data loss if

Twitter App Reportedly Taken Out Of The Windows Store

The Twitter app for Windows 8 was recently released to lukewarm response. While most users praised the application for delivering on a lot of important features, the design left a bit to be desired. But that was

Microsoft Finds Viruses And Malware In Pirate Copies Of Windows

To say otherwise that Microsoft’s software products are perhaps the most pirated in the world, would be distorting reality — Windows and Office, both regularly top lists that tally counterfeit software. In fact, Windows 7 remains one

Windows 8 Coding Marathon Brings Together 10,000 Students

Redmond’s officially started an AppFest coding marathon in India, this time with a goal to bring together ten thousand students from all across the country for an extended coding session. Late last week we reported that Microsoft

Skype For Windows 8 Updated To Version 1.5, Adds Several New Features

Microsoft earlier today introduced a new version of its ever popular Skype client for Windows 8, bringing in several changes bringing the app closer to its desktop counterpart. One of the most requested features makes the cut

Microsoft Unveils My Server App For Windows 8

From My Computer to My Server, how times change. Microsoft recently launched the My Server app for Windows 8 for people that want to access server resources right from within the Modern interface. Now this is one