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Windows 8 Training – Capturing personal photos, video, and audio in Metro style apps

New Windows 8 Training video. This time it’s brought to you by Mehmet Kucukgoz and Khurram Zia. Video description (Vendor provided) Every minute, people around the world are taking pictures and recording personal video and audio. They

Windows 8 Training – Build a Metro Style game

A new Windows 8 Training Video. This one is taught by Chas Boyd. Video description Games are undoubtedly one of the most popular style of apps with users today and one of the largest money makers as

Windows 8 Training – creating experiences across multiple devices

A new training video from Microsoft. Video description (From the Vendor) Your customers will expect your app to deliver a continuous experience even as they switch between apps and move between their devices. Come learn how to

Windows Video – Building security auditing solutions for compliance and forensic analysis

Another video from Microsoft. This video shows how the new claims based access control capabilities in Windows 8 significantly enhances security. It also enhances the security audit and analysis capabilities for compliance and business forensic analysis. Microsoft