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Lynda have released a new Windows 8 class – Windows 8 Essential Training

Training Site Lynda has a new online course out right now. It’s called Windows 8 Essential Training. Windows 8 is a significant departure from previous versions of the operating system, offering new mobile integration, cloud storage, and

Staples Marketing Campaign Offers Free Windows 8 Training with New Purchases

The learning curve in Windows 8 is somewhat steppe, or at least it appears to be on the surface. The truth is that Windows 8 has some changes with the Start Screen UI but it’s not hard

New Windows 8 sales training guidelines videos leak

Man, Today seems to be Windows 8 leaked videos day. It seems that some videos which show Windows 8 sales training guidelines have leaked for the upcoming OS. It seems like Microsoft will be using these videos to

Introducing the Windows 8 Platform – Microsoft video

A new Windows 8 training video for you. This one’s called Introducing the Windows 8 platform – WIN8-CAMP-01 and the speaker is John Lam. Description: Windows 8 is Windows re-imagined. Join this session to learn about the new platform for release a series of introductory Windows 8 Tutorials have released a series of introductory Windows 8 Tutorials. They cover a series of topics based on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Welcome 01m 21s Exploring the new features in Windows 8 04m 10s Downloading the

Microsoft launch Devcamps for Windows 8, Windows Phone, Azure and the Web

Interesting new website from Microsoft for their Developer Camps. The URL is It basically is a hub for Windows Phone, Windows Azure, Web technologies and Windows 8 training. When you click on the Windows Camps link you

Windows 8 Developer Camps are headed to the East Coast

Microsoft will be taking Windows 8 Developer Training on the road. The quote: Join us for this free, full-day event designed to share all the knowledge you need to start building Metro-style applications for Windows 8 –

A Few Password Related Bugs/Annoyances In Windows 8 Consumer Preview

I first realized that I was in love with Windows 7 back during the beta. While I enjoyed the improvements to the Vista interface and the overall speed-ups, I think I was most impressed by just how

Windows 8 Training: Tips and tricks for developing Metro style apps using C++

Another Windows 8 Training Video. This one’s called Tips and tricks for developing Metro style apps using C++ and it’s presented by Tarek Madkour. Video description C++ and XAML provide a new way for C++ developers to target Windows

Windows 8 Training: Tips & tricks: how to use Visual Studio to the fullest

Another training video from Microsoft talking about how to utilize Visual Studio. It’s called Tips & tricks: how to use Visual Studio to the fullest and it’s presented by Weston Hutchins and Phil Price. Video description In this fast-paced