Windows 8 Tweaks Archive

The Windows 8 Touch Keyboard

In this blog I’ll cover what I’ve learnt about the Windows 8 Touch keyboard. There are several different types of touch keyboards available with Windows 8 providing you have a touch screen. The Touch Screen is available

What No Print Screen Key in Surface!

One complaint I have is the lack of a Print Screen key function. As an ingrained user of SnagIt (I know you can’t install programs on the Surface) I find the lack of a decent screen capturing

A Look At Two Very Unique Windows 8 Powered Automotive Projects

With Windows 8 Microsoft is attempting to break beyond traditional “Windows” barriers, in a strategy to bring its technology into new devices such as tablets. Beyond that though, Microsoft has also recently gotten behind several unique projects

Unlocking Moorea And Other Hidden Windows 8 Features

For a while I’ve talked about the potential of Windows 8 on tablets. The Kindle Fire seems to have the low-end “content consumption” market dominated and the iPad has the higher-end “productivity and content consumption” market under

Windows 8- The App Store

Windows 8- The App Store Microsoft, through Windows 8 has come up with a very innovative way of introducing the long awaited app store. We are well aware of the ‘app store’ concept from Apple. Microsoft has

Windows 8 logon screen background for Windows 7

So this is a pretty cool tweak for Windows 7. If you would like to have the Windows 8 wallpaper (below) as your Windows 7 logon background, here’s what you need to do.. Download the Windows 8

Windows 8 Blue Poison

Windows 8 Italia have released a third party application for those interested in Windows 8 called Windows 8 Blue Poison. This tweak unlocks the Ribbon , the Modern Reader , the new Task Manager and the webcam application.