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Windows 8 Ultrabook Review: HP Folio 13

  Windows 8 is on its way soon, with the beta here in just a little under the month. For those of us that really are looking for a great Windows 8 experience, we might be considering

Windows 8 Ultrabook Review: Asus Zenbook UX31

For those that don’t know, I am actually a pretty big Asus fan, having used their motherboards in almost every custom desktop machine I’ve ever made/owned. While Asus isn’t always the best quality brand out there, it

Windows 8 Ultrabook Review: Samsung Series 9

  The era of Air clones is certainly in full swing, with more and more “ultrabooks” popping up. There is a bigger question in all of this though, do ultrabooks offer enough to one-up the Macbook Air,

Windows 8 – Ultrabook Review: Dell XPS z14

The era of Intel’s Ultrabooks has truly begun and is in full swing. In a growing sea of thin-and-lights, can the Ultrabooks set themselves apart enough to be worth the purchase? While I still have my own