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Buy a Surface Pro and get entered to win a Dell 27 inch monitor and a Plugable docking station

Microsoft are finally releasing their new Tablet/NoteBook – the Microsoft Surface Pro and it looks like it’s going to be a winner. This beautiful device comes with either 64GB or 128GB and has some amazing specs. 1920×1080

What does Windows Blue really mean?

This is an excerpt from a story on Windows 9 Update. Good grief. Talk about crying wolf! The Verge is reporting that: Microsoft is busy preparing its next-generation Windows client, shortly after shipping Windows 8 in October.

Do you have a question about Windows 8? – Ask it here

So as we barrel down the road to Windows 8, a lot of you have questions about Microsoft’s new Operating System. We decided that we will start a new Question and Answers segment on this site. It’s

The possible future of Windows Update

I was reading the story Andrew Grush wrote about the future of Windows upgrades and he brought up some good points. When thinking of updates, upgrades and update numbers though you also have to take into consideration

Windows 8 – Can it Fail? Will it Fail?

We’ve heard a lot about how important the success of Windows 8 is to the future of Microsoft. You have to wonder though, without much real competition in the desktop world, can it actually fail? Even if

Windows 8’s New Updating Solution And Possible Alternatives

Microsoft recently revealed a post on their Building Windows 8 blog that the next-generation Windows OS will require fewer reboots for Windows patches and updates. Admittedly, this sounds pretty awesome. The truth is that the ‘less reboots’

Winners of our Actual Multiple Monitors Software Giveaway

I’ve been really backlogged covering all this Windows 8 news and information and I actually forgot to announce the winners of the Actual Multiple Monitors competition. As a reminder, I had 5 licenses of Actual Multiple Monitors from Actual

Windows 8 Update is looking for writers

I’m looking for 4 writers who can commit to writing 2 articles a week for this blog about Microsoft, Windows 8 and tech innovation in general. You have to be innovative, smart, funny, timely and have an