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Windows 8: What version is right for you?

Windows 8 has been out for a while now but people are still bewildered by this OS. There are even reports coming out that even though there are plenty of people who purchased the new version of

Window And Internet Explorer Get Critical Patch Tuesday Updates

The Patch Tuesday update cycle for May just went live late last night and Microsoft has released a whole bunch of fixes in its bid to resolve 33 vulnerabilities in various products. Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, Office,

739 Updates For Windows 8 And Windows RT Rolled Out Since Release

It has been more than six months since both Windows 8 and Windows RT made their way to the market, and Microsoft pledged to keep its newest platforms fully patched with fast and frequent updates. True to

Windows 8 And Internet Explorer 10 Set To Get Critical Updates

It’s tinkering time again. Microsoft just announced that both Windows 8 and Internet Explorer will be getting critical updates next week. And yes, these are part of its monthly Patch Tuesday cycle, which the company uses to

Windows 8 Update Freezes The Start Screen

Talk about a patch doing more harm than good. It is not official yet, but a handful of Windows 8 users are complaining that a Windows 8 update causes their Start screen to freeze while other apps

The possible future of Windows Update

I was reading the story Andrew Grush wrote about the future of Windows upgrades and he brought up some good points. When thinking of updates, upgrades and update numbers though you also have to take into consideration

Windows 8 Already Gets A Touch-Up Software Update

Traditionally, when Microsoft prepares its RTM version there isn’t much changes made for quite a while. Sure, there are updates that offer bug fixes and other minor changes, but that’s it. Breaking longstanding tradition, early Windows 8

Windows 8 updates start to trickle in

Last week, Microsoft announced that they would be making last minute updates to some of the apps that came with Windows 8. It seems that the app refresh has begun. Users are beginning to see updates to

Microsoft announces tons of Windows 8 app updates in time for the official launch

Starting today, many of the apps in Windows 8 are going to start releasing updates. Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul took to the MS blog yesterday and told us that early adopters of Windows 8 would start to see

Windows 8 rumor: paid updates for Windows 8 going forward?

So this one is quite a doozy but I thought heck, it’s a slow Tuesday so what the heck. On the Winunleaked forums, there was speculation today about Microsoft charging for updates to Windows 8. They are