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Windows 8 Pro Upgrade for $14.99 Open to Anyone Willing to Lie?

Microsoft ‘s upgrade promotion is over today, but don’t tell Microsoft that. While you can no longer get your upgrade copy of Windows 8, apparently the Windows 8 $14.99 upgrade offer for new computers is still a

The Windows 8 upgrade offer page is up

I’m not sure if this has been there forever but I recently stumbled upon the Windows upgrade offer page. The URL: Once you get to the page, you’re able to select a geographical location that applies to

Microsoft confirms Windows 8 RTM upgrade path from Windows 8 Release Preview

In what can be described as a pretty stunning move, Microsoft are allowing beta testers (millions of them) to upgrade to the final version of Windows 8 for $40. Computerworld has confirmed the upgrade offer with Microsoft officials who said

Now I’m confused, what OS can upgrade to Windows 8?

Oh I am sooo tired today but these Microsoft questions won’t let me rest. I am confused about who the heck can upgrade to Windows 8 now – no I mean really confused. Based on the Microsoft