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Windows 8 Guide to product editions – Thurrott and Rivera

This should be pretty useful. Paul Thurrott and Rafael Rivera, have posted a Windows 8 feature-comparison matrix. It’s pretty comprehensive and lists a bunch of…


New Windows 8 Video – Windows 8 Enterprise 64 bit install and setup

Here’s a video from showing the Windows 8 setup experience. It shows a very straightforward install that doesn’t take very long. It also shows the new…


The Verge is confirming that the Windows 8 Release Preview should be here today

The Verge are confirming that the Windows 8 Release Preview should be released today. Link Game On.


Microsoft removes the ability to join a domain from the Windows 8 core version

In what seems like a radical but somewhat logical move, it is increasingly looking like Microsoft is talking away the ability to join a Windows domain from…


Microsoft shed some light on Windows 8 Enterprise

Microsoft have opened up the kimono just a bit on features we can expect from the Windows 8 Enterprise SKU. This comes in an


8 interesting points I noticed from Microsoft’s Windows 8 SKU announcement

Yesterday, in a flurry of announcements, Microsoft detailed the new name for Windows 8, the different versions of Windows 8 and the new name…


Would A Lightweight Microsoft Windows Version For Older Hardware Be A Good Idea?

Okay, so today’s post isn’t as much of an analyze of Windows 8 features, instead it is more of me just throwing around an idea…


Windows 8 Update – Microsoft reveal final Windows 8 name and number of editions – 5

In a new blog post today on the…


Windows Media Center will be in Windows 8 but….

In a new blog post on the Windows 8 development blog, Microsoft have confirmed that Windows Media Center will be included in Windows…


Windows Server 8 announced – the new name for Windows 8 Server

Microsoft officials showed off the first public glimpse of its coming Windows Server 8 operating system today at the WPC 2011 conference. Windows Server 8 was…