Windows 8 video Archive

Brutal! – A Windows 8 animated evaluation

What a BRUTAL time for Microsoft and Windows 8. My cousin sent me this video and it’s made by a guy called Brian Boyko. He says: When I had some free time to take a look at

Windows 8 Video – Asus VivoTab Smart – interesting keyboard

I found this video on Asus’s website talking about their new tablet the Asus VivoTab Smart. As you should know, I did a review on the ASUS VivoTab RT and happen to be a big fan of

Acer Iconia w700 Windows 8 tablet – Video

The good folks at TheVerge did a video hands on with the Acer Iconia W700 tablet. Here it is..

Laptopmag talk about Windows 8 with Ed Bott, Mary Jo Foley and Avram Piltch – Video

As you may know, having met them, I’m big fans of Mary Jo Foley and Ed Bott and you should be too. They are both very seasoned technology reporters and great writers. Every time I get an opportunity

New Windows 8 Video – Windows 8 Enterprise 64 bit install and setup

Here’s a video from showing the Windows 8 setup experience. It shows a very straightforward install that doesn’t take very long. It also shows the new boot logo as well as the new and interesting intro video

Introducing the Windows 8 Platform – Microsoft video

A new Windows 8 training video for you. This one’s called Introducing the Windows 8 platform – WIN8-CAMP-01 and the speaker is John Lam. Description: Windows 8 is Windows re-imagined. Join this session to learn about the new platform for

New Windows 8 Video – Intel demo Hybrid Tablet Ultrabook at Intel Developer Forum

Intel has posted a video showing highlights from the Intel Developer Forum 2012 held in Beijing, China last week. In that video, they show a demo of a device that is an interesting looking hybrid tablet ultrabook

New Windows 8 Fan video – What we like about Windows 8

Interesting new video from a Windows 8 fan that came in to the site. This one is from reader Alfonso Alatorre. This video shows what he likes about Windows 8. What we like about Windows 8 (win8 AD) from

Competition – Tell us why you’re excited about Windows 8 and win a Samsung Series 7 Slate!

So there’s obviously been a lot of discussion on the web about Windows 8. We’ve heard that a lot of people love what they have seen so far with both the Developer Preview and the Consumer Preview.

Funny Windows 8 Video – A civilian is thrown into Windows 8

A new video showing an underwhelmed civilian looking at Windows 8 for the first time highlights the risk that Microsoft is taking as it makes the shift to Windows 8. The person sitting at the computer is Chris