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A new Windows 8 poll suggests only 22% of Windows 8 early adopters favor the new OS

A new survey from has popped up asking more than 50,000 users what their favorite Windows OS is now and other information regarding Windows 8 in general. According to the site, the results paint a picture

Windows 8 Development Blog – Things that make you say hmmm…

Off to bed and I stopped by the Windows 8 development blog to read some of the comments. Yes, that is what I do before I sleep (don’t ask). Anyway, on this page, there are over 100

Windows8Italia scores major magazine exposure for a Windows 8 crack!

Our competitor had a very cool thing happen to them recently. They had their Windows 8 crack – Bluepoison published by a major print magazine! From their site (translated from Italian obviously): In August of 2010

Top 8 Windows 8 blogs Part 2

In the previous article, I showed the first 4 of the top 8 Windows 8 blogs. Here are the next 4 Windows 8 websites that are must reads… 5. An Italian blog that breaks Windows 8

Top 8 Windows 8 blogs Part 1

So I thought that it would be really cool to do a blog post about the other sources of Windows 8 news and information. See, I like to share the love and roll like that.  🙂 So,