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Windows 95

Week In Review

Week In Review (Oct 6 – Oct 10)

The calm after the storm? Microsoft dropped a bombshell a couple of weeks back by announcing Windows 10, and the release of the Technical Preview…

Windows 95 Smartwatch

Care For A Windows 95 Powered Smartwatch?

There’s a thing called going retro. Pretty sure this is not it. An Android Wear user has successfully deployed Windows 95 on his device, and…


Microsoft Wins Novell’s Windows 95 Lawsuit After US Supreme Court Rejection

Here is a little blast from the past. Microsoft have finally won the Windows 95 lawsuit against Novell, for good this time. The company secured…


Microsoft Finally Wins Novell Windows 95 Lawsuit

Boy, what a blast from the past! Remember Novell Inc., the famed software company? Well the story goes that the firm sued Microsoft one balmy…


Microsoft talk about changes to the Start Menu

Microsoft today (in their Windows 8 development blog), described the thinking around changes being made to the Start Menu. It’s a good read and…