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Samsung Backs Out of Windows RT Market in the United States

Windows RT Potentially Capable of Running Homebrew Desktop Apps

If you are looking to install an application on the desktop in Windows RT, good luck with that. Windows RT is locked down and doesn’t allow this kind of thing, even if someone was to port the

According to Insiders, Microsoft Was Very Controlling in the Creation of Windows RT Devices

Early on, there seemed to be real vendor interest in Windows RT. Now it’s 2013 and there is barely any Windows RT devices on the market. What the heck happened here? Where did the competition go? There

Rubicon Retracts its Anti-Microsoft Statements, Puts Grudge on Hold

Earlier today we mentioned that one video game studio was quite unhappy with the way they have been treated with their Windows RT-only gaming effort. So far the company has only made about $83 on its “Great