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How To Rename Your PC In Windows 10

Personally, you can call your PC anything you want. But in Windows 10, it has to go by with a unique name so that it can be identified and communicate with other devices in a network. Having

Yes, Windows XP has helped the PC market that has been going down since Windows 7

Analysts love to be right. Most do. With the looming retirement of Window XP on the cards, market watchers readily made a number of predictions, the prime among them being the notion that PC shipments will get

Mobile PC Market Dipped By 9.4 Percent In Q4 2013

There is a things called counting your blessings. Mobile PC makers probably are doing just that right now, as the latest facts and figures of global notebook shipments have just come out. Overall there is more sorrowful

UK Users Cannot Install Windows 8.1 Preview From The Windows Store

And there you go! Another news bit about Britons and technology. UK users already have a hard technology life most of the time, with increased prices, senseless currency conversions and delayed product launches. Now we have another

DirectX 11.2 Announced, Exclusive To Windows 8.1 On The PC

Video gaming now increasingly makes up a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to computing. But when it comes to mobile computing there is still a lot of room to grow and innovate in the

Not All Windows 8 And RT PCs Can Run Windows 8.1 Preview, Says Microsoft

Bummer! If you have a new Windows 8 or Windows RT device and want to upgrade to the preview version of Windows 8.1, there is a small chance that you may not be able to, at least

Microsoft Details The Correct Way To Install Windows 8.1 Preview

Windows 8.1 Preview is almost upon us. The public preview version of the upcoming operating system will be officially unveiled tomorrow, and interest among technology enthusiasts is high with users already making plans to install it. The

Users Will Be Able To Remove Apps From All Synced PCs In Windows Blue

With just hours remaining in the launch of the public preview of Windows Blue, more and more information has started to float up on the anticipated refresh of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. Obviously, the software titan will

Power Options Will Be Included In Windows Blue Start Button

Well, well, well. Technology rumors are a funny thing, but it is always a great feeling to see good ones come true. Good ones like the return of the Start button in Windows 8.1 (codename Windows Blue).

Windows 8.1 Preview Will Also Be Released As A Standalone ISO

And there we have it. Redmond had already announced that Windows 8 users will be able to download and install the upcoming public preview version of Windows 8.1 from the Windows Store. But the software titan will