Windows Embedded 8.1 Archive

Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Also Officially Launched

What, you thought Windows 8.1 was the only Microsoft product launching today? Along with the first ever refresh of its flagship operating system, Redmond has also unleashed the final version of Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry. This special

Windows Embedded 8.1 Has Also Reached RTM

The thing about companywide initiatives is that (almost) everything moves in sync. This was actually Microsoft’s plan when it announced the codenamed Windows Blue initiative, early this year. And save for Windows Phone 8.1, most other elements

Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Preview Is Now Out

If you thought Windows 8.1 Preview was soaking up all the attention at this year’s BUILD then make room for the Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Preview that has just been released. Microsoft has unleashed an early beta