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Finally a Microsoft video I love!

Microsoft have released a new promotional video called Windows Everywhere that emphasizes the strength and diversity of the company. It’s pretty brilliant. I like the fact that the video shows the strength and diversity of Microsoft products

Windows 8’s and Microsoft’s Role In The Future Of Computing

Back in January of this year, Steve Ballmer delivered a keynote speech talking about his concept of “Windows Everywhere”.  According to Ballmer, “Whatever device you use, now or in the future, Windows will be there”. Since then

Windows Embedded v.Next Developer Preview Coming in January

A lot of attention has been focused on Windows 8 and even the upcoming revision of Windows Phone, but these aren’t the only operating systems that Redmond is cooking up. In early 2012 we are expecting Windows

How Far Will "Windows Everywhere" Stretch?

Microsoft has made it clear that they are interested in giving a Windows-style experience on all platforms. Windows 8 is at the core of this new idea, and has actually created mixed opinions when it announced support

Where Will Windows 8’s Compatibility End?

Microsoft’s recent announcement that Windows 8 is to be compatible with system-on-a-chip gear and ARMS processors has sent the rumor mill running wild with claims that smart phones and tablets will be among the first devices to