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File Explorer Up For Some Significant Improvements In Windows Blue

One of the most familiar of sights in a Windows operating system is the Windows Explorer, or File Explorer, as that is perhaps the most used feature of the OS, this side of the desktop and Start

Windows 8 – Goodbye Windows Explorer, Hello File Explorer

Microsoft is changing the name of the Windows Explorer to File Explorer in Windows 8. The change is fairly minor as the functionality remains the same regardless of its name. It’s just another sign of Microsoft’s willingness

Windows 8: The all new Windows Explorer

Windows 8: The all-new Windows Explorer Windows explorer is one of the most fundamental tools that has undergone several changes since the first version of Windows was released. It is one of the most widely used desktop

Microsoft reveal Windows 8 Explorer changes

Microsoft have released a new video and this time they are talking about upcoming changes being made to the Windows Explorer functionality… They set out some new goals for this version of Explorer: Optimize Explorer for file