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Project Fiona to Target $1300-1500 Price Point, Double Heft of an iPad

Recently we reported that Razer had taken to Facebook and was asking for at least 10,000 Facebook likes to prove that there is truly interest in the idea of continuing on the Windows gaming tablet, known as

Rubicon Retracts its Anti-Microsoft Statements, Puts Grudge on Hold

Earlier today we mentioned that one video game studio was quite unhappy with the way they have been treated with their Windows RT-only gaming effort. So far the company has only made about $83 on its “Great

PEGI 18 Games WILL come to Windows Store after all

Not too long ago, Windows 8 Update reported on how Microsoft was restricting access to certain games and apps in the Windows Store. Initially I reported that M-rated games would be covered in the ban, but later

Gaming and 3DMARK Benching Software in Windows 8

For gamers, and likely 3D artists, more power behind the hood of a PC is always welcome. At the same time many gamers want a wide range of devices such as laptops, desktops, and even tablets for