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Windows Intune Gets New BYOD Focused Update

Microsoft had already confirmed that Windows Intune 4, the long anticipated update to the company’s device management service was due out in early 2013. Now the company has just released what it has labeled Wave D of

Microsoft Enters Lucrative MDM Market

Although comparatively new, Mobile Device Management (MDM) is nevertheless one of the fastest growing enterprise software areas. The multitudes of mobile devices that have entered corporate offices these past few years make this a highly lucrative turf.

Is Microsoft's support of Apple iPhones and iPads with Windows Intune suicidal?

So right now, Microsoft is holding the Microsoft Management Summit. At the Microsoft Management Summit, Microsoft shares deep hands-on technical training and best practices in the areas of desktop and device management, datacenter, and cloud technologies. One of

Microsoft shed some light on Windows 8 Enterprise

Microsoft have opened up the kimono just a bit on features we can expect from the Windows 8 Enterprise SKU. This comes in an April 18 post to the “Windows for Your Business” blog. Here’s a part