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MSN Messenger Service Shutting Down In China On October 31

China is a swell country. Some stringent rules and regulations, which are not necessarily bad, mean that foreign companies have to partner up with local firms to do business there. As a result, Microsoft has several such

Skype To Get Plenty Of New Features Soon, Including Message And Call Sync

Of all Microsoft products and services aimed at the consumers, Skype remains one that still does not has the cloud in its DNA. Sure there are a few touches here and there, but the platform could use

Microsoft Completes The Shutdown Of Windows Live Messenger Today

Everything that has a beginning has an end. Today marks the day when Microsoft is set to the complete the retirement of its Windows Live Messenger, with the service poised to go dark in just a few

An Era Ends, With The Retirements Of XP, Messenger, IE6 And Office 2003

As far as pure computing is concerned, there are only a select few eras. Though with our weekly updates to products and services, lines are blurred, but go little while back and everything could be classified into

Windows Live Messenger Shut Down Starts Today

So significant is the event that it is being covered by mainstream media the world over. Microsoft has officially kicked off the Windows Live Messenger retirement today. The English version of the app is the first to

Microsoft Starts Sending Out Emails Detailing Messenger’s Retirement

The classic Windows Live Messenger service is set for retirement on April 8 this year, and Redmond has already announced that it will be transitioning users over to Skype. Now the company has begun sending out emails

Windows Live Messenger Blacklisted Starting March 15th, 3rd Party Clients will Still Work

Skype For Windows 8 Gets An Update

And it’s ready for download. Can’t ask for better service! The Windows 8 version of Skype landed a few weeks back, and it just received its first update. Along with the ability to search people and groups,

It’s Official, Skype is killing Windows Live Messenger off for good

A few days ago Windows 8 Update reported on the rumor that Live Messenger was getting the boot from Microsoft, in favor of Skype. While there was no official word to back it up, the transition seemed

Windows Live Messenger to be Retired in just a Few Months?

We’ll categorize this post under “News that wont’ surprise a single person”. It seems that the Verge is reporting that Microsoft is going to retire Windows Live Messenger in favor of Skype. According to the rumor, the