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Going Up – The Appstore has 3600 apps available

My good buddy Wes Miller is doing a valuable public service on behalf of the Windows 8 community. On his site, he’s keeping track of how many apps are available in the Microsoft store. From his

The drumbeat to Windows 8 RTM continues – new Windows Store RTM images

New information about Windows 8 RTM, this time from Mr. WithinWindows himself Rafael Rivera. He has joined the list of credible voices confirming the fact that Windows 8 is pretty much complete. The Quote: As you might

Wrestling fans – WWE is coming to Windows 8

I saw this on Neowin and thought it was pretty funny. The WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment, formerly the WWF) have released an app in the Windows  Store. It offers news, previews and information about upcoming events in

Guide: Installing Metro Apps from the Store in Windows 8

With Windows 8, Microsoft announced a new category of app, which they named Metro. These apps are full screen, “fast and fluid”. They also consume very less memory in comparison to their desktop counterparts. With the introduction of these

Microsoft accidentally revealed the new Windows Store logo!

During the Surface tablet launch on Monday, Did Microsoft accidently reveal the new Windows Store logo? As you can see from the above image, Windows Store tile is showing a different icon than what we see in

My take on the Windows 8 application store

I read the article written by Rishu Srivastava about the Windows Store and I wanted to write a rebuttal article on it. The store in Windows 8 isn’t perfect, I’ll agree with that. There are things Microsoft

Windows 8 – App Highlight: StumbleUpon and Shufflr

The apps in Windows 8 Metro have evolved quite a bit since we first saw them in the Windows Store with the Consumer Preview and there is now quite a fair-sized library of apps, some big name

Ghacks talk about things the Windows Store need to fix before launch

The good folks at Ghacks wrote a very good article where they discuss some of the issues they feel need to be fixed with the Windows Store. It’s a good piece so I thought I would share

How Linking To Metro Apps On The Web Will Work

Recently MS posted a new blog entry at the Windows Store for developers website that went into a few new details about how apps discovery works for users of Windows 8. According to a program manager on

Microsoft release new details about submitting your apps to the Windows Store

In a new post and video on the Windows Store blog, Microsoft give new details about getting applications approved in the Windows Store. The post is by Jonathan Garrigues, a Program Manager on the Windows Development Experience Team. The