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Windows Media Center — Get It Free While You Still Can

Last week we warned readers that Windows promotional pricing would end of January 31st, but we didn’t go into much detail about Windows Media Center other than a brief mention. With the deadline on promotions ending next

Windows 8 – Installing Windows 8 Media Center

Getting the Free Product Key Once you access the above website, provide a valid email address in the relevant box. It takes 24 hours for you to receive your free product key. This will be through the

Windows Media Center is now available in Windows 8

For those who have yet to use Windows 8, you might not be aware but Windows Media Center is no longer included in Windows 8. No, it’s not gone for good either. Microsoft instead has a special

Guide: Installing Media Center in Windows 8 Release Preview(Video)

If you have installed Windows 8 Release Preview, you must have noticed that it does not come pre-installed with Media center. Well, don’t worry. Just follow the instructions given in the video to install Media center. Would

Windows 8’s New Music Player, Is It Enough?

When it comes to Windows 8, one of the largest focuses is clearly around the Metro interface. Metro receives a lot of attention for a few key reasons, first of all because it’s a dramatic change from

Screenshots of a Windows 8 Music Program are Leaked

A few days ago Microsoft revealed some details about its upcoming Windows 8 app store. It will use the same marketing model as Apple 30% cut for Microsoft, and a 70% cut for developers. A feature that

New Windows 8 Build – 8141.0.winmain.111021

There’s a new build of Windows 8 that has been reported on the MDL forums. The Build ID number is 8141.0.winmain.111021 and of course, MDL forums SUPER user Canouna is the culprit behind the spotting. Some of the

Windows Media Center will be in Windows 8 but….

In a new blog post on the Windows 8 development blog, Microsoft have confirmed that Windows Media Center will be included in Windows 8 but with a few caveats. Some choice quotes: While not a central topic