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Chinese Regulators Target Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player

Microsoft is one of the nine companies that are currently being probed for antitrust violations by Chinese regulators and things have taken a rather interesting turn. It was recently revealed that the company was not entirely transparent

Windows Media Center is now available in Windows 8

For those who have yet to use Windows 8, you might not be aware but Windows Media Center is no longer included in Windows 8. No, it’s not gone for good either. Microsoft instead has a special

Guide: Installing Media Center in Windows 8 Release Preview(Video)

If you have installed Windows 8 Release Preview, you must have noticed that it does not come pre-installed with Media center. Well, don’t worry. Just follow the instructions given in the video to install Media center. Would

Windows 8 Dropping DVD Playback, Just Another Indicator That The Age Of Physical Discs Is Nearly Over?

Windows 8 is just around the corner, as is the upcoming Release Candidate (expected in June). As it approaches we are starting to hear just a few new things here and there, such as the recent clarification

Windows 8’s New Music Player, Is It Enough?

When it comes to Windows 8, one of the largest focuses is clearly around the Metro interface. Metro receives a lot of attention for a few key reasons, first of all because it’s a dramatic change from

Screenshots of a Windows 8 Music Program are Leaked

A few days ago Microsoft revealed some details about its upcoming Windows 8 app store. It will use the same marketing model as Apple 30% cut for Microsoft, and a 70% cut for developers. A feature that

Should Microsoft Re-Write WMP As A Metro App?

When it comes to Windows 8 features, I’ve often spoken about how important I think a Zune Metro app would be in bringing tightly integrated media features, similar to what Apple and Amazon have with their tablets.