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Microsoft Unveils New Windows Mixed Reality Environment

Things just got real! Microsoft has just announced a bunch of new additions for Windows Mixed Reality platform, which will be part of the upcoming Windows 10 spring update. Redstone 4, as it is codenamed. The details

Microsoft To Actively Pursue $100 Billion Gaming Industry

That’s more like it! Much has been written about the steps Microsoft has taken in gaming lately, in particular how it shut down games in development and closed down studios. The arrival of the Windows 10 powered

Pinball FX2 VR Launches On Windows Mixed Reality

Zen Studios to the rescue! The developer famous for pinball game has just announced that Pinball FX2 VR has made its debut on the Windows Mixed Reality platform. As you can imagine, the game will set players

Microsoft Developing Several Windows Mixed Reality Games

The various Windows Mixed Reality headsets may be making the technology world take notice, what with their reasonable level of virtual reality performance, at more than reasonable prices. But the mark of a new technology is in

SteamVR For Windows Mixed Reality Headsets Almost Ready

That was, shall we say, fast. Buzz among the bees is that Windows Mixed Reality headsets are about to get SteamVR support in just a few days from now, which should make these devices a lot more

Samsung Odyssey Headset Goes On Sale, Gets Sold Out

Now, that’s what you call an odyssey! Samsung took a while making its Odyssey headset available for purchase, after Acer, Dell and friends all launched their headsets last month. But while the head mounted display was the

Samsung Jumping In The Windows Mixed Reality Game

The hardware is coming, hopefully the software holds up! Samsung has joined the Windows Mixed Reality party with what looks like its very own solution that is said to be coming soon. Interestingly, the Korean company is

Dell Visor Windows Mixed Reality Headset Preorders Open

We’re getting closer! Preorders for the Dell Visor Windows Mixed Reality headset, which was made official at IFA this year, are now open. Both as a standalone device, and a bundle. Microsoft has already confirmed that these

Windows Mixed Reality Headsets Will Not Support Steam Initially

Well, this is just grand! Microsoft amped up the excitement levels to eleven by announcing that the upcoming Windows Mixed Reality headsets will feature support for Steam content. In other words, these new affordable units would be

Windows Mixed Reality Headsets Will Also Go On Sale On October 17

We finally have a specific launch date! The Windows Mixed Reality headsets have been in the news for all the right reasons lately, with several companies showing off their finished goods. More specifically, Dell, ASUS and Lenovo,