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Microsoft To Rename Windows Phone to Windows Mobile?

Windows Mobile, like really? A name change for Windows Phone has been on the cards for a while now, even though nothing official emerged on, what could be a very high-profile rebranding. There were some that thought

Bill Gates Admits They Got Things Wrong With Windows Mobile

Bill Gates has had a fair amount to say about Windows and related products of late. Today in a CBS This Morning interview, Gates talked a little bit about the smartphone industry and Microsoft’s role. According to

Microsoft Actually Lost Mobile Marketshare in Q4, says New Report

We recently reported that Windows Phone 8 had overtaken Blackberry in the United States. We also reported that Windows Phone 8 handsets that used AdDuplex software outnumbered those running Windows Phone 7. Now we are reporting that

The Comcast Repairman and Microsoft’s Mobile Challenge

Over the last month or so, I had problems with my Comcast router.  Intermittent really, just not working at the most inconvenient of times.  So I’d have to reboot it and usually it would come back online.