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Windows Phone 7.8 Reportedly Arrives on January 31, 2013

Smartphone users of Windows Phone 7.5 have been waiting – with some frustration -for the Windows Phone 7.8 update to arrive for some time.  So it was good news to hear from Windows Phone Colombia today that

Skype for Windows Phone is here

Skype for Windows Phone Beta has been released. The full version will be available in April, but reports so far indicate that the beta seems quite stable. The Beta requires Windows Phone 7.5 and has been tested

Sprint cautious about Windows Phone adoption

Interesting snippet from Engadget that describes Sprint’s allged attitude toward the Windows Phone platform. That includes Sprint, which does currently have a Windows Phone in its lineup (and is apparently considering more in the “August-September time period”),

Introducing the Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop unveiled the Lumia 900, the premier smartphone running Microsoft’s Windows Phone mobile operating system and perhaps the greatest hope of redemption for Microsoft’s struggling mobile software. The Nokia Lumia 900, the top-of-the-line Windows

Speculation And Rumors Regarding Andy Lees ‘Demotion’ Continue..

Just a few days ago, I blogged about the recent news of Andy Lees’ removal as head of Windows Phone. I stated that I didn’t think Windows 8 was going to end up on the phone, and

Does Windows Phone Leadership Change Mean Windows 8 Might Come To The Phone After All?

The recent removal of Andy Lees from running the Windows Phone division has certainly sparked some interesting theories and ideas as to Lees new role with Microsoft. According to Ballmer, “I have asked Andy Lees to move

Microsoft offers correction – Windows Phone devices do NOT offer NFC

So in a previous post, we had reported that a Microsoft official had said the current series of Windows Phones currently had NFC enabled. Will Coleman, a developer evangelist and product manager at Microsoft UK had claimed

Significant Windows Phone exploit discovered

Just when Microsoft started making some headway in the Windows Phone narrative, this. A significant flaw has been discovered in Microsoft’s range of Windows Phone devices. It was discovered by reader Khaled Salameh. From The flaw

Can Windows 8 Fare Better On Mobile Phones Than Phone 7?

Microsoft has taken a very different stance with its products recently. When Microsoft’s Xbox first debuted back in 2001, part of the strategy was to keep the Xbox separate from Windows. Back in 2001 there was certainly

Windows 8 on an Amazon Phone?

Yes you did read that right. The same rumor mill that brought you the whole Amazon phone story has now chocked up a new rumor, about amazon using Windows 8 on their phones. Some people may be