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Windows Phone 7.8 And 8 To Be Supported Until Mid Of 2014

You may well be aware that mainstream support for Windows 8 is set to end on January 9, 2018. And even though Microsoft is yet to reveal the date when it plans on ending support for Windows

Windows Phone 8 Leaps Ahead of Windows Phone 7 In 10 Markets

When it comes to mobile platforms, nothing shows signs of growth more than penetration of the latest version of the operating systems. Nowhere is this truer than Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7, considering the inherent

Australian Business Sees 70% of Employees Choosing Windows Phone

More than once I’ve talked about the huge amount of potential for Windows Phone 8 in the enterprise world. With its ability to play nicely and integrate with Office, Windows and much more– there is a lot

Windows Phone 8 Handsets Outnumber Windows Phone 7.x Devices In US, says AdDuplex Data

While Windows Phone 7 was a great start in a new direction for Microsoft’s mobile efforts, it pales in comparison to Windows Phone 8. To a wider range of the popular apps people want and need, to

Microsoft Continues to Encourage Developers to Build Windows Phone 7 and 8-Friendly Apps

Now that Windows Phone 8 is on the market, Microsoft is seeing pretty strong success in major markets. They have even started releasing the Nokia Lumia 620 for those in developing markets like Thailand that want a

Nokia Feedback Survey Reveals Additional Windows Phone 7.8 Features

Still waiting (im)patiently for Windows Phone 7.8? It’s hard to get too excited when you know that support is starting to die down for the older version of Windows Phone, but some new features coming to play

Select Xbox Windows Phone 7 removed from Windows Phone 8

When Windows Phone 8 was first announced, we knew that some major shifts were happening. Windows mobile was ditching the CE in core in favor of NT, for one thing. We also learned the OS demanded at

Get Ready for Windows Phone 7.8 and Convergence with 8

In the hubbub of Windows Phone 8’s launch, what was almost forgotten was that tens of thousands of current Windows Phone 7 users are now running obsolete hardware that can’t be upgraded to Windows Phone 8. The

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 Will Co-exist for Quite Some Time

Windows Phone 8 is now out, but Windows Phone 7.x is far from extinct, at least according to Microsoft. While we’ve yet to see the newest version of Windows Phone 7, dubbed 7.8, it is said to

Windows Phone platform Continues to Grow, Attributes 2.4% of market in 3rd quarter of 2012

Windows Phone 8 hasn’t been out very long, but it seems to already be picking up the pace when it compares to Windows Phone 7. Most Windows Phone 8 smartphones out on the market are already being