Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 Archive

IE11 On Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 Comes With Hundreds Of Improvements

Any update would have a hard time measuring up to the richness that is Windows Phone 8.1, but although small, Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 still brings a lot of refinements and new features. Microsoft is using this refresh

HTC Sending Invites For New Windows Phone Launch

It has been more or less two years since HTC launched new Windows Phone 8 handsets, the 8S and 8X. And no, the 8XT does not count, as it was just a reworked Sprint exclusive. But now

Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 Developer Preview Launch Set For Next Week

Finally, some confirmation! Microsoft have officially announced the availability of the first major update of Windows Phone 8.1, which has been in the news these past few weeks as Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1. This new version of

Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 Phone Cover Apps Detailed

Native Folders may be one of the more useful features of the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 update, but Phone Cover Apps is also high on the list. It promises smartphones accompanied by smart covers from Windows

Here Are Some New Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 Features

While we await the full official announcement of Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 from Microsoft, this new version of the mobile operating system has already been outlined on the company’s Dev Center. Read up on the details here. Although

Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 Shows Up In OEM Documentation

There have been talks of Microsoft releasing an update for Windows Phone 8.1, which has recently started to roll out, and it seems that this upgrade to the mobile OS is nearing release. This new version of