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Microsoft Will Support Windows Phone 8.1 For 36 Months

What would the world of Microsoft be without calendars? With the amount of product launches and platforms reaching end of support, it is best to keep one nearby. Onto the platform of the moment, then. Redmond unleashed

What Exactly Is This Windows Phone 8.5 Business?

While the technology world, at least the Windows Phone part of it, is salivating over the release of Windows Phone 8.1, some new hints reveal the next frontier for Microsoft’s mobile OS. Well, just the name reference

Microsoft May Completely Redesign The UI In Windows Phone 9, Says New Rumor

While Microsoft’s plans for Windows 9 could potentially take any direction, what with the announcement of Windows Threshold, development on Windows Phone 9, it seems, is coming along as originally planned. Word is that along with Windows

Windows Phone 9 Said To Be A Major New Redesign, A Complete Overhaul

When it rains, it pours. Along with polishing up Windows Phone 8 with several new enhancements, Redmond is said to be also working on Windows Phone 9, the next major release of the mobile platform. But just

Windows Phone 9 is mentioned for the first time – kind of

My buddy at MSFT Kitchen unearthed a Linkedin listing from a Microsoft employee that indirectly mentions Windows 9. You can see the listing below. It’s interesting to note that the person does not say Windows Phone 9

Windows Phone 9 and Windows 9 Mentioned in Job Listings and More

Windows Blue is where almost all the next-generation Windows focus is at. While Windows Blue isn’t officially confirmed, there have been job postings and other information that pretty much spill the beans. What about Windows 9? We

New Microsoft Job Posting Confirms Work Is Underway On Windows 9

Or in other words, this is as close as you will get right now, short of an official confirmation from Redmond. But as recent rumors have suggested, work on Windows 9 is already underway. The next major

Windows Phone 9 and Windows 9: Should They Integrate Stores and Other Features?

Although Windows Phone 8 might not be the most popular mobile platform on the market, there is no denying that Microsoft’s OS has come along way from Windows Phone 7 and consumers and hardware makers are both

Could Windows Phone and Windows RT Merge Efforts in the Future?

When it comes to operating systems, the generally accepted method is to have one mobile OS and one desktop OS. These can be related, but they are also kept separate. This is what we see for both