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Kabam Discontinues Windows Phone App Development

Not too long ago, you may remember, that Microsoft penned a deal with a fairly established mobile game developer by the name of Kabam. That was in June 2014. And as part of that agreement, the developer

Windows Phone Loses Another App, NBC Pulls Out

Not again! You know what would be really great is if all these big name developers that are discontinuing their Windows Phone apps get back with their Windows 10 solutions. Universal, streamlined, feature rich applications for Microsoft’s

Microsoft Releases MS-DOS For Lumia Smartphones

Perhaps the most elaborate April Fools’ Day joke of them all, surely the most useful. Microsoft have released a version of MS-DOS for Lumia handsets, and it is now available for download. For how long? No idea.

Microsoft Removes Tetra Lockscreen App From The Store

Make room for another unexpected move. Along with announcing the Surface 3 tablet, Microsoft has removed the Tetra Lockscreen app from the Windows Phone Store. Yes, the very customization application that launched this past October. The work Windows Phone App Is Now Here

Some refreshing news for the platform. Amid reports of major developers pulling their Windows Phone apps, the official Windows Phone app is now in the zone. Vevo recently became the latest played to leave the party.

VEVO Also Pulls Its Windows Phone App From The Store

The last few months have been rather tiring on fans of the Window Phone platform, as despite Microsoft’s efforts to bring more developers to the platform, certain big names are actually departing. Bank of America become the

VLC For Windows Phone Gets Dark Theme, Improved 720p Support

A new version of VLC for Windows Phone is up for grabs today, and even though it still is in beta development stage, it has received some new changes that significantly improves user experience. VideoLAN released VLC

Dropbox Finally Available On Windows As A Universal App

Microsoft’s partnership with Dropbox is bearing fruits. Redmond increased collaboration with Dropbox, its cloud storage competitors in the fall of 2014 and consumers are now the ultimate winners. In the first phase, Office users were provided with

Lumia 520 Leads The Windows Phone Store In Downloads

The highly popular Lumia 520 is not only the champion in sales charts and market share graphs, but the budget handset also leads the Windows Phone Store in term of app downloads. In fact, over a quarter

Microsoft Starts Accepting Bitcoins In Its Digital Stores

Digital currencies still are a volatile preposition, but they are slowly gaining mainstream status. Microsoft has joined the party, and now accepts Bitcoins for its digital stores. Users in the US can now use this crypto currency