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Windows 9: What Do We Know So Far (Hint: VERY Little)

Windows 8 has been here for a bit now, and that means that inside of Microsoft’s headquarters attention is already turning towards the next “big thing”. With that in mind, what do we actually KNOW about Windows

Windows 9 Will Likely See Stronger Cloud Integration and ReFS

Alright let’s face it, Windows 9 is still at least a little ways away (depending on if you believe Windows 9 is really Blue or not). At this point, little solid information is heading our way. That

Hoping Windows 9 will Ditch the Start UI? Don’t Bet On It

In a previous article we talked about what Windows 9 might bring to the table and how it might help make the changes between the desktop and START UI less jarring. What you might have noticed from

Could Windows Phone and Windows RT Merge Efforts in the Future?

When it comes to operating systems, the generally accepted method is to have one mobile OS and one desktop OS. These can be related, but they are also kept separate. This is what we see for both

What Can We Expect with Windows RT 2?