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Leaked Surface Mini Images Reveal What Could Have Been

Microsoft, in making the decision to cancel the Surface Mini tablet at the last minute, surprised everyone that was looking forward to getting their hands on a smaller, more portable tablet. And the more we hear about

Surface RT, Surface 2 No Longer Available For Purchase

It had to come to this. Microsoft has now officially stopped selling its Windows RT powered tablets, the original Surface RT and the power packed successor, the Surface 2. The ARM based operating system has no longer

Microsoft Announces $100 Surface 2 Discount

Sign that Surface 3 is incoming? Seems so. Redmond has just launched a new Surface 2 discount, which sees the 10-inch tablet retailing for $100 off its regular price. Part Microsoft’s Back-to-School promo, part the company’s attempt

Alcatel Plans To Launch The First Windows Phone Tablet

What would you say to a mobile OS on a 10-inch slate? If Alcatel have their way, they will be the first to launch a Windows Phone tablet next year, the company has confirmed at IFA 2014.

A New Version Of Windows Phone Could Be Announced Next Month

Microsoft is moving ahead with a merger of its ARM based platforms, and it appears that a new version of Windows Phone could be here sooner rather than later. Chances are that the company will present it

Microsoft Rolls Out A Huge Bug Fix Update For Windows

It has been a while since we have seen Microsoft launch a bug fix update for Windows, but a new one is here as an optional download that shows up in Windows Update after deploying all Patch

Nokia Lumia 2520 Windows RT Tablet Headed For T-Mobile

The Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet is a bit of an enigma. Back when it was first launched, the Windows RT powered tablet was received with a lot of enthusiasm, with plans for a smaller 8-inch version. After

Game over for Windows RT? Intel unleashes Core M processors for tablets

End of the line for Windows RT? Now this is a line we have read many a times, in many a places. The original Surface RT was met with joyous excitement upon release, but things have been

VLC For Windows 8 Launches To User Disappointment, Low Ratings

One of the more anticipated Windows 8 application launched yesterday to less than stellar reviews. If anything, several users that installed the beta version of VLC for Windows 8 were left with that sinking feeling of dissatisfaction.

Windows RT Is Here To Stay, Says Former Windows Boss

Microsoft’s under fire platform, Windows RT, may have been criticized by hardware vendors around the globe, with many completely outright abandoning it, but the company still stands behind it. In fact, while OEMs are creating devices powered