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Windows 7 SP1 Automatic Updates Now Being Rolled Out

Microsoft is now preparing to push out Service Pack 1 to those that have managed to wait off this long for whatever reason. The idea is that those who have Windows Update on will get the update

VMware: Server Market Will Continue To Be Ruled By x86 Chips

A large number of chip makers these days are developing server-class system-on-chips based on the ARM architecture, and trying to grab a piece of the lucrative server market. Several analysts have also expressed their beliefs that ARM

Microsoft And Hortonworks Finally Bring Big Data To Windows Server

You may recall a creatively titled company that goes by the name of Hortonworks. Made up of ex-Yahoo employees, the technology firm is famous for its Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) that is used in deployments of Big

How Do Ubuntu Server and Windows Server 2012 Compare?

In the home computing world, Windows is the dominant force, Mac comes in second, and Linux plays third fiddle. In the server world things are a bit different, however. Linux still outranks Windows, though not quite as

Microsoft TechNet subscribers now getting a year of Office 365 free

As you probably already know, Microsoft’s TechNet is a way for IT workers and managers in the enterprise and server operation business to get access to tons of current and past Microsoft products, simply by paying a

Patch Tuesday to Bring Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1 Fix, Among Other Things

Part of keeping an enterprise running smoothly is watching out for updates and ensuring that everything goes through without a hitch. This coming Tuesday marks the well-known Patch Tuesday. Microsoft’s tradition of Patch Tuesdays aren’t anything new of

QNAP Turbo NAS enhances VMWare, vSphere, and Server 2012 Support

QNAP has now announced Vmware VAAI and vSphere Client Plug-in for business virtualization enhancement. In addition, they have also added official certification for Windows Server 2012 and much more. Here’s the official press release and details: QNAP

Microsoft is now part of the ODCA

There is little denying it, the cloud is the future. Microsoft is continuing to rely more and more on cloud technology for its products, both on a consumer, enterprise and server level. Windows 8 sees more cloud

Windows Server 2012 Essentials Update Rollup 1 Announced

Windows Server 2012 just got its first major update. Microsoft has just announced, what it is calling the Update Rollup 1, and as the name implies, this is not just a collection of bug fixes — some

Microsoft Unveils My Server App For Windows 8

From My Computer to My Server, how times change. Microsoft recently launched the My Server app for Windows 8 for people that want to access server resources right from within the Modern interface. Now this is one