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The Two Most Expensive Windows 8 Apps are $299.99 and $499.99 Respectively

While most of the apps you will find while perusing the Windows Store are free, that doesn’t mean that paid apps are out there, too. When it comes to paid apps, how much do you expect them

Is the Start UI Too Locked Down? Should Windows 9 Open Things Up A Bit More?

Over the last few years, we’ve seen two very different opinions evolve in regards to Windows 8. Some say that the new UI is the best thing to ever happen to Windows. Others say that it is

A Look at 7 Great Windows Store Apps for Business Use

So you decided to jump into the world of Windows 8 and Windows RT? While Windows 8 users can certainly use a mixture of Windows Store apps and traditional PC programs, those with the Surface RT and

Bitcasa Releases Windows 8 Native App, Allows Unlimited Cloud Data Storage

When it comes to using Windows tablets in the enterprise, it is important to have all your important documents and files at hand when you need them. While devices like the Surface RT have reasonable storage space

Windows 8 hits 13000 apps, Developers Starting to Slowly Take Notice of the New OS

Windows 8 has been here about a half month now and is growing its user base at a steady rate. What else is growing? Its app selection. There are now over 13,000 apps for Windows 8/RT. This