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Google Quietly Releases An App On The Windows Store

And it’s not what you expect. Google has shied away from the Windows Store ever since the launch of Microsoft’s modern operating platform, and the situation isn’t any closer to changing. However, despite its policy of not

Barclays Abandons Windows Phone

Wonder what took them so long! Financial apps usually are quick to leave the Windows Phone platform, but Barclays remained one of the last banks still supporting Microsoft’s mobile OS. Not anymore. Since few companies have any

Fonts Arrive On The Microsoft Store

The everything store? There’s a reason why Redmond renamed Windows Store to Microsoft Store, and it’s because the company wants to evolve this outlet beyond just apps and games. Read up on the rebranding if you’re not

Microsoft Store App Picks Up Some More Fluent Design

The Microsoft Store app in Windows 10, or Windows Store, what have you, has picked up some more acrylic effects as part of the Fluent Design System redesign. This new UI design philosophy is obviously a big

Fluent Design Comes To The Windows 10 Mobile Store

Easy does it. Microsoft just updated the Windows 10 Mobile Store with a Fluent Design System treatment, and needless to say, these subtle changes looks quite slick. As spotted, these new UI elements are now part of

WhatsApp Windows 10 App Coming Soon

Although a Windows version of the official WhatsApp client is already available, the company is currently developing a Windows 10 flavor of the app for users. WhatsApp Desktop is now available in the Windows Store right now.

Windows Store Is Now Microsoft Store

Continuing on with its legacy of rebranding things at the whim, Microsoft has announced that the Windows Store will henceforth be known as Microsoft Store. In Windows 10, and beyond. This renaming has got all to do

You Can Now Install Windows Store Apps On Up To 2,000 Devices

But will you? In a move that is sure to please end users, and may upset developers, Microsoft has quietly raised the Windows Store device limit to 2,000. Which basically means unlimited. This will make life easier

Fluent Design Finally Comes To Windows 10 Mobile

Nobody gets left behind? Looks like we have our first real sign of the new Fluent Design elements coming to Windows 10 Mobile, after what is a lot of experimentation on the PC side of things. This,

Age Of Empires IV Announced!

Finally! This may just be what leads to the mass adoption of the Windows Store! After years of wait, Microsoft has made official Age of Empires IV, at its Gamescom event, along with a few other surprises.