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Is Microsoft being penny wise and pound foolish by charging developers 30% for their apps?

So Microsoft recently release more details about their upcoming Windows Store yesterday and as expected, a lot of it was pretty impressive. There are lots of tools for developers and publishers and it seems very well thought

Microsoft release their Windows Store Fact Sheet

Microsoft have just released a fact sheet detailing a few more fact about the Windows Store. It reads as follows: Windows Store Fact Sheet December 2011 The Windows Store will make it easy for Windows customers to find, try

New video from Microsoft – Windows Store Preview

Microsoft have released a new video to talk a little bit more about their new Windows Store. Details about the Windows Store were revealed earlier today in San Francisco.  

Microsoft confirm Windows 8 Beta will be released in Late February 2012

Microsoft have in effect confirmed the Windows 8 Beta release date. Today in San Francisco, they confirmed that the Windows 8 Beta will indeed be released in February of 2012. To put this in context, it was

Microsoft provides details of it’s Windows Store

Today,  in San Francisco California, Microsoft revealed more details about it’s upcoming application store. On hand for the event were Windows President Steven Sinofsky and Windows Web Services VP Antoine Leblond. Here are some of the more

More information about the Windows Application Store

My Italian friends seem to be obsessed with the Windows App Store and have come up with even more information. It seems that there’s some pretty detailed planning that has gone into planning for the store.. Translated

Proof that a Windows Store is coming

More of a scoop from AngelWZR. A couple of photos showing DLL hacks that seem to indicate the presence of a Windows 8 store.