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7 and 8-inch Windows tablets need to focus on modest specs and pricing

In a recent post, our very own Fahid Ali reported on how Microsoft’s rumored Surface…


It seems like they’re really going to do it – Microsoft may launch their first original tablet device

Holy cow! It seems like they are really going for it. Blogs and magazines across the web are reporting that Microsoft will indeed launch a Windows Tablet…


Lenovo Yoga: combined Windows 8 Tablet and Ultrabook

The Lenovo Yoga is a combo…


Inside CES 2012: Video – NVIDIA Tegra 3 Tablet running Windows 8

Some video from CES showing the NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor running a Windows 8 Tablet.


Kupa X11: The First "Windows 8 Ready" Tablet

  Ever since the announcement of Windows 8 the production of Windows 7-based tablets has virtually halted to a complete stop, and with…


How Windows 8 Compares to Other Tablet Operating Systems

Windows 8 is starting to really shape up as a contender in the tablet market, but how do the features really compare to other tablet…


Does Microsoft have a Future in the Tablet Market?

When it comes to Microsoft’s decision to focus Windows 8 on both the desktop and tablet market you often hear many mixed opinions. There are…


Windows 8 Developer Tablets are Available on eBay

If you are someone who loves tablets such as the iPad, there are now Windows 8 developer tablets available on eBay – the ONLY Windows…