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Windows Touch Monitor Review: AOC e2239FWT 21.5" LED Touch Monitor

  Windows 8 is on its way, and its apparent from the wide adoption of Android and iOS devices that the future of computing is deeply connected to touchscreen technology. For those looking to stay ahead of

Windows Touch Monitor Review: Planar 22-inch PX2230MW

Windows 8 is set to take the PC world by storm in just a little under a year by changing the way we interact with our computers. A big part of this plan surrounds touch technology, and

Windows Touch Monitor Review: ViewSonic VX2258

With Windows 8 on its way, now seems like a perfect time to dive forward into the world of touch-screen technology. Metro makes use of touch in a big way, and there are many apps that will

Windows Touch Monitor Review: Compaq L2105tm LCD Touch Monitor

  With Windows 8 on the horizon, many new input technologies are going to be taking the stage very soon. The variety of new inputs is quite impressive: a new Kinect that runs on Windows, inputs that